Why Buy Used Office Furniture?


Why should I buy pre-owned office furniture?

There are a number of advantages to purchasing pre-owned office furniture. Not only is it friendlier on your wallet with a faster turnaround time, it’s great for the environment. At MAP Office Furniture, we’re proud to be one of the leading retailers that captures top quality pre-owned furniture before it can end up in a landfill.

For us, it's as green as it gets!

MAP Office Furniture only offers inventories in excellent condition. All parts and pieces are in pristine working order or they’ll be replaced prior to resell. Our inventory is meticulously inspected to every last detail (including fabric and finishes) to ensure it meets our quality standard. We expect the furniture to look and function as if it were new.

Replacement parts and additional components can always be purchased, securing your investment post-installation. Should you find a piece that meets your needs but requires an additional lateral file, or perhaps a new work-surface, no problem. We can also help you with these add-on requirements at an attractive price point. We’re proud to be your one-stop-shop for pre-owned office furniture.

Contribute to your environmental certification

Did you know purchasing used furniture can help you gain LEED credits?

That's right. Incorporating pre-owned furniture into your office interior will help you acquire additional LEED credits for those trying to achieve LEED certification.

Your business and our planet can benefit from your recycling effort by keeping waste from landfills and reducing your company's carbon footprint and achieve the LEED credits that can be used towards your building certification.

We Will Buy Your Furniture

At MAP Office Furniture, we are always looking to purchase large and small quantities of high-quality pre-owned furniture. If your business or company is looking to liquidate, whether it be work-stations, chairs, or filing and storage systems, please contact us to discuss the details of your furniture and receive a quote from us.

We can come to your business, disassemble workstations, and remove furniture from your offices as part of your contract.

Interested in learning more?

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