Custom Design


Create the best layout for your company

We’re here to help you create the best office layout for your company. We start by adding your requested office furniture into your office floor plan and working with you to modify your office layout ideas to optimize your space and meet your budget. We bring over 20 years of design expertise to the table to help you create your perfect environment.

Why is planning important?

Space planning is a big undertaking and there are several factors to consider with office design ideas: physical restrictions of the space, accessibility, the diversity of your team and team roles, lighting, and sound pollution.

In fact, unwanted noise is almost universally reported by employees as the number one deterrent to productivity and satisfaction at work. One way to combat audible distractions is to consider zoning out your office. Keep those that spend ample time making phone calls farthest from those whose role require the most amount of concentration or attention to detail. For instance, keep some distance between your customer support team and your programmers or engineers.

Space planning is all about solving problems before they arise, and we have plenty of helpful professionals and tools to help you do so.

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