New & Used Office Furniture

Our team of professionals will unload and assemble your furniture with the utmost care and ensure that you receive the product in pristine condition, providing maximum utility for our customers.

There are multiple reasons to purchase used inventories. First, the cost is less than purchasing new furniture. The lead-time is faster since the inventories were previously manufactured and ready for their new home. And of course, there are the environmental aspects. MAP Business Furniture captures the unneeded furniture before it can end up in a landfill, meaning there is no waste with this process. It's as green as it gets!

Our pre-owned office furniture can be configured and customized to your unique specifications, and our layout designers will work to create an arrangement that is optimal for your space.

Make the world a greener place by endorsing the purchase and recycle of pre-owned office furniture. This process helps to reduce landfill waste, energy consumption, manufacturing, and minimizes the pollution going into our environment.

Basically an L-Shaped office desk is an executive desk with a return - connected in an “L” configuration. The return can be on the left or right side depending on the space or the requirements of the employee.

U-Shaped Desks are similar to L-Shaped Office Desks, but are set up in a "C" configuration. The three piece unit consists of a Main Desk, Credenza (with or without Hutch), and Bridge connecting the two.

As the Main Desk is where clients will be relieved, it will have a finished back and be a little wider to accommodate meeting space. The Credenza wraps around behind the employee and often includes a hutch. The bridge can typically be constructed on either the left or right side depending on the configuration of the office and the work space requirements while sitting -- however, often times the unit is pre-configured for either right or left.

This configuration offers a most productive working area for multi-tasking and to move around freely.

Office cubicles have many advantages over open plan offices. Because of the wide variety, versatility and cost effectiveness of office workstations, they are a very popular solution among employeers and employees alike.

Choosing the right office chairs for your work space has to not only fit within your business’ budget, but should also promote healthy and productive employees. If your employees work from a desk, they will spend most of their day in an office chair. So how do you know what to look for? Here are some tips on choosing the right office chair.

Need office furniture for a television or film shoot? At MAP Office Furniture, we understand how essential the right furniture is to your office movie set. That’s why our inventory includes various styles of desks, chairs, tables and storage units - all ready to help you achieve the look you need.

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