KRUG | Zola Chair

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Krug Mobile Lounge Chairs.jpg

KRUG | Zola Chair

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These bright and stylish mobile Krug chairs are perfect for any office environment.

Zola - a ground-breaking collection of freestanding and modular soft seating, benches, and tables. Zola's light, sleek grace belies its superb strength and durability, making it an ideal solution for high traffic, intensive use reception areas and public spaces. 

Zola offers incredible versatility: as a bench or as a chair, linked or unlinked, - it can be reconfigured with ease. Recycled and recyclable materials, GREENGUAR™ certification, and replaceable components make Zola a furniture solution that is healthy, sustainable and economical.

Dimensions: 23” W

Product ID: 1812-04-KG-CH

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