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Expectations are high for work chairs—and in places where different people use the same chair successively, around the clock, they’re even higher. The dependable, hardworking design of Celle stands up to heavy use, even in the most demanding environments—from call centers to nurses’ stations and from conference areas to laboratories.

Human-centered design

Beyond working in a wide range of spaces, Celle also fits a wide range of people. Designer Jerome Caruso’s vision for a highly engineered, intelligent surface that could provide supportive comfort for everyone resulted in Celle’s exclusive Cellular Suspension, a durable system of polymer cells and loops, engineered to support and respond to different areas of the body.

Cellular suspension back

No two of the 751 polymer cells in the chair’s patented Cellular Suspension back are alike. The cells and interconnecting loops are engineered to form a “flex map” that conforms to your unique shape and stature, supporting your back while allowing air flow to keep you cool. Passive PostureFit sacral support is designed into the back to prevent slouching and maintain proper spinal alignment.

Adaptable and adjustable

With its roomy proportions and durable construction, Celle accommodates 90 percent of the global population and is rated for people up to 350 pounds (159 kg). A full range of adjustment controls allows you to personalize the fit.

Balanced recline

As you lean back, Celle’s Harmonic tilt prevents your lower back from pulling away from the backrest, keeping you balanced and supported as you move naturally through the chair’s 28-degree recline range.

Dimensions: 29.5 W

Product ID: 1807-05-HM-CH

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