HERMAN MILLER | Celeste Chair

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HERMAN MILLER | Celeste Chair

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Celeste lounge chairs have a clean, contemporary look. With their compact scale and slender arms, they don’t take over a space. They just look good in it while offering comfortable seating for casual meeting spaces, lounges, and reception areas. With their trim geometry and refined sense of proportion.

Inviting appearance

The substantial seat base is complemented by the symmetry of slender arms and tubular steel feet, adding up to a pleasing compact scale. Spacers set the seat off a bit from the back.

Celeste seating complements Herman Miller systems and other furniture.

An extra surface

You can add convenient, pivoting tablet arms to chairs, so you can take notes or set your coffee mug down. Tablets can be positioned on the right or left arm of a chair. They pivot 360 degrees so they are easy to move into position and push out of the way.

Dimensions: 26 W

Product ID: 1808-25-HM-CH

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