BAKER | 96" X 46" Column Dining Table (NEW - Floor Model)

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BAKER | 96" X 46" Column Dining Table (NEW - Floor Model)


Even the very old can be very new again. Thomas Pheasant views classical architecture-like the column-as something beyond period or style. For the Column series, the pedestals are the focus of the table. Coved and faceted columns simply taper. Two horizontally scribed sections offer visual relief. Optional brass bands, each with decorative riveting, suggest an accessorized look. A total of six pedestals support each table, an "H" configuration , with joined columns at each end and joined center columns paralleling the long dimension. The top is mahogany with a reverse slip match field and a quartered border. This version does not have fillers. The drama of the base will motivate some owners to show it without the side chairs until they become necessary. The configuration of the legs allows for maximum seating, at least 10 in this case. Creatively, the Column series provides an alternative to a conference table.


Thomas Pheasant is an award-winning interior designer who has been recognized internationally for his interior design and furniture collections. Pheasant’s style conveys modern elegance: calm, luxurious interiors that emphasize elements of quality and comfort. He is known as the master of the neutral palette, brought to life in his own signature pieces. Pheasant focuses on bringing a contemporary dimension to classic design principles, bridging past and present with beautiful silhouettes and distinctive fabrics.

Vox® Conference table is 11' x 4' at it's widest point.

Product Features

  • Standard finishes: Sable, Luxe

  • Hardware finishes: Bright Bronze, Polished Nickel

  • Mahogany solids and veneers

Dimensions: 96 L x 46 W x 29 H

Product ID: 1812-01-BK-BT

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