The Benefits of Office Cubicle Workstations

Office cubicles have many advantages over open plan offices. Because of the wide variety, versatility and cost effectiveness of office workstations, they are a very popular solution among employeers and employees alike.


A comfortable office environment enhances the productivity of employees. Office panel systems offer multiple styles to meet the requirements of the employee. Cubicles also offer a level of standardization in the planned office space. Every employee gets the same work space which plays a positive role in boosting employee morale - as everyone has a a fair share in the office environment. fair share in building an office environment

Research shows that employees who work in an open office have a 50% lower productivity than employees working in closed office cubicles. Office workstations reduce distractions, meaning employees have a a more optimized chance for work productivity - 75% of all employees produce more accurate work in cubicles.

Office Cubicles provide the privacy needed especially when working on sensitive materials/content. This help to produce error-free work, as employees find it hard to work in open offices as they feel they are always being watched.


Office Cubicles offer a balance between openness and privacy in the office space. A cubicle provides privacy and a sense of ownership among employees. It provides storage space in which an employee can lock sensitive documents, files and other essentials. If the cubicle provides sufficient privacy, the employee can focus on their jobs and avoid outside distractions, such as footsteps, conversations or ringing phones. Cubicle walls help to shut out these distractions, which in turn make for a more productive work environment.


Lower workstation walls can also promote collaboration. The walls are high enough to offer private work spaces, however are low enough to easily stop to talk to each other and share ideas. In fact you can create multiple collaborative workspaces in a large space, allowing for the free flow of ideas and increased productivity.

The panel systems serve as offices to help employees do their best and increase productivity, but are beneficial in allowing two or three persons to work together, These mini collaborative spaces are hard to achieve and maintain in an open plan office, where 20 people in same open room can result in distracted work. The built in baffle effect of the panel systems make a business environment quieter as humming is greatly reduced.


One of the most popular reasons for cubicles allow you to utilize the available space in an optimized way. The versatility of the office cubicle can make use of every square inch, making the most from a limited amount of office space.

By adding sliding doors as opposed to the swing out variety, cubicles help maximize on the space available. They keep work contained and by limiting how much the work can spread. Well organized cubicles also reduce stress

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