The Benefits of an L-Shape Office Desk

Basically an L-Shaped office desk is an executive desk with a return - connected in an “L” configuration. The return can be on the left or right side depending on the space or the requirements of the employee.


When planning the configuration of an office, you want to choose office furniture that will enable employees to work with increased productivity. As your employees will spend most of their work day at their desk, the key is an efficient use of their space and time. L-shaped office desks address both of these points in not only a very functional, but also an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture.


Space is an important consideration when setting up an office, as space can be a limited commodity. L-shaped desks are a great solution because of how they are able to use previously ignored spaces. For instance you can make use of a corner in the office which was a formerly underutilized space. Because of the "L" design of the desk, any angle allows for a great workable area, while maintaining free space to move around.


L-Shape Desks are uniquely designed for a multi-purpose office because of the dual work space provided. The computer can be housed on one part of the desk, freeing up the other arm for any kind of desk work like drawing, writing, and meeting. Not to mention the ample leg room inherent with the L-Shape Desk. These desks often include lots of storage for other items such as edgers, books, papers, or invoices. To further exploit the space, go up and add a hutch for even more storage and functionality.


Because of the many different options available, a privacy panel can be removed allowing for chairs to be placed on either side of the desk. The work space can be sectioned into near portions, making two separate employee spaces out of a single edsk, while maintaining the requirements of each individual employee


It goes without saying that the extra surface for work will save time and increase productivity. The less time your employee needs for standing and moving int another area to retrieve items needed for work, the more efficient their work becomes.AÞ Having everything they need close by will increase your employees’ efficiency


A rectangular desk may have the same amount of work space as an L-shaped desk but it has its drawbacks. If the Surface area is equal to that of the L-shape, the desk could be too large for the employee to reach everything. L- desks boast plenty of work space yet holds everything within reach of the seated employee. Again, the size of the L-Shape desk makes more efficient use of the office space, whereas straight desks take up a significant portion of a room.

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